Mitsubishi Engines

90-92Mirage, FWD, 12 Valve, PFI, P.S. bracket on block, rear distributor4G15$24$425
92-96Mirage, FWD, 12 Valve, PFI, SOHC, P.S. bracket on head, rear distributor4G15$24$495
91-923000GT, Diamante, Stealth (Chrysler), 24 Valve, Non-Turbo, No Crank Sensor6G72 (DOHC)$36$850
92-963000GT, Diamante, Stealth, FWD, DOHC, 24 Valve, Twin Turbo, Crank & Cam position sensors6G72DETT$36$2,750
92-963000GT, Stealth, Diamante, FWD, 24 Valve, Non-Turbo, Crank & Cam position sensors6G72 (DOHC)36$1,750
88-923000GT, Diamante, Stealth, Twin Turbo, No Crank Sensor6G72DETT36$1,950
87-92Colt, Excel, Mirage, Precis, All Front Distributor4G15 (FI)1.54$425
88-92Eclipse, Talon, Laser, Sonata, Galant, 16 Valve, 6 Bolt Flywheel, Non-Turbo4G63 (DOHC)24$595
93-98Elantra (Hyundai), FWD, DOHC, 16 Valve4G67 (DOHC)1.84$450
88-89Mirage, Non-Turbo, FWD, DOHC, 16 Valve4G611.64$450
90-94Mirage, DOHC, Turbo4G61-Turbo1.64$525

Mitsubishi Transmissions

88-924 Cylinder, Cable or Hydraulic ClutchKM206 (MT)$295
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