When is the price changed?

The price can be changed any time due to our dynamic import agenda. As noted in our website, the price is subject to change without notice. Thus, we recommend you to check the website regularly or call us to receive the up-to-date price.  In general, the price is updated every other week.  In any case, Nippon Motors tries to supply the engines and transmissions at the lowest prices with superb quality.

Are there any items on sale?

Yes, of course! Nippon Motors may announce items on sale via the website. In addition, if you purchase multiple items, you may ask for a whole sale price. For further information, please contact us!

What kinds of accessories are included in the engines?

In general, the engine comes with an intake manifold, exhaust manifold, fuel injection, distributor, usually partial wire harnesses that are cut near the engine, oil pan, valve cover, pulleys, etc. We do not guarantee that the accessories will be included or that they work properly for US cars because they are Japanese accessories. Axles, motor mounts and shift linkage do not come with the engine. 

Does Nippon Motors install the engines and transmissions ?

We do not provide any installation services. We only sell engines and transmissions. Please contact your local mechanics for installation.

How much is the shipping charge and how long does it take to deliver items I have ordered?

The shipping charge varies based on distance. Please contact us for the shipping charge to your location. It takes roughly 2 to 6 days to deliver items. For example, it takes about 6 days for a coast to coast delivery, i.e., Pacific to Atlantic (cf. we are located in Southern California near Los Angeles).

Note: Free Delivery to Local Customers: We deliver directly to most local customers within Southern California (incl. San Diego) without charge.  Please call us to verify free delivery in Southern California.

Can I ask to hold items prior to its arrival  from Japan ?

Yes, you can! A prepayment is required to hold items. We will ship or deliver your item as soon as it arrives. “First come, first serve” would be applied unless items are already held.